April 27, 2017

Turn them into Superheroes

Raising Superheroes creates a simple classification system that allows students to become their best superhero version of themselves. The presentation starts with allowing students to identify with either a superhero, villain or victim. All three characters are important to self evaluation of the student in individual circumstances. As an adult since this presentation I have caught myself self evaluating to decide if I’m being the superhero, villain, or victim. It’s important for students to know the character they are playing in every situation. I enjoyed the victim character of the presentation. It’s important for students to realize they don’t want to be the victim and that it is possible to change their character. JoDee does an amazing job presenting the information in kid friendly terms and helps each student identify with each of the three characters. Life really is as simple as a comic book and we can help these kids make the choices that will turn them into the superheroes of their lives.